Thursday, 7 November 2013

Insites into the rise of shale gas: comments by energy specialist Niki Cutts

Like Niki Cutts, others can see the increase in controversy surrounding the extraction of shale gas.

Development of the shale gas market, spurred on by relaxation of environmental policy changes in the US by President Bush has facilitated the way for other countries to seek their own domestic supplies of shale gas. However, this is controversial as there are conflicting reports about the environmental impacts caused when extracting the gas. One of the main concerns is the pollution to the water supply.

Whether or not these concerns are accurate, the terrain of the US is unlike that of Europe as the former is much less densely populated than the latter. Thus extraction may prove to be much more expensive and controversial than in the US. Protests in the United Kingdom have so far halted experimental shale gas exploration.

Niki Cutts is the Managing Director of Castleward, located in Prague, Czech Republic,